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Felix Xiaozhu Lin 林 小竹

Associate Prof. William Wulf Faculty Fellow UVA Computer Science CV Contact

PhD in Computer Science (Rice 2014), MS in CS (Tsinghua 2008), and BS in Automation (Tsinghua 2006). Grew up in Chongqing, known for its “3D-stacked” buildings. Before moving to UVA, I spent six great years at Purdue.

We are recruiting! Recent interests:

At UVA CS, my group is looking for PhD students for building novel software. Our group has a strong builder culture.

See our group page for current students and projects.

Join us in beautiful Virginia!

img/aerial.img The UVA campus at sunset, with Blue Ridge mountains in the back. Credit: UVA.

Efforts on refreshing OS education (UVA CS4414/CS6456). Principles: experience-based, with modern contents, and fun. Summary: four projects including an Arm64 baremetal kernel, multicore, trusted execution, and filesystem forensics.

The first offering in Fall’20 as CS6456. Well received! Materials; student feedbacks; schedule

Research (Publication)

I care about systems software.

Jun 2020: “OS frontiers in the AI era” For UVA graduate students. slides video

Mar 2019: Overview slides

I work with a group of students with enthusiasm in systems software. See XSEL.

Our current work bases on two premises:

1. Old kernels (e.g. Linux) are firmware

2. New OSes are defined by scenarios

My PhD work was on OS kernels for smartphones, e.g. the K2 project which won an award in ASPLOS’14. I continue to care about mobile/wearables, e.g. deep learning on them (WWW’19 & MobiCom’18).


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